The Kitchen Magician Ltd of St Neots brings you Bedroom designs by Zurfiz, Bella and Gildor have brimful colours and textures. Relaxing and inspiring.
Everything from intense pools of glossy colour through to the most delicate shades of bedroom furniture that brighten and inspire even the darkest of days.
Warm comforting bedroom ideas, earthly tones and textures, the special grains of natural woodland colours breathe life in your home.

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The Zen of Bedrooms

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Zurfiz, full of style. Of Clean lines and a certain symmetry. Who then wouldn't be inspired by the European design, the finish and the modern touch?

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The Bedroom you've always wanted

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Call it contemporary life or timeless classic. Let Bella be in your home. Something for every taste. Flexibility of colour and style, your choice. The only decision is the decision of a Bella bedroom

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Open your eyes and see things differently

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If you are looking for an elegant sliding door space saving solution anywhere in your home … Glidor has the answer. Elegantly engineered.

There’s so much to more to bedroom furniture, than bedroom doors, wardrobes and beds.
To sleep and dream. With our bedroom doors we have over 1000 colour and style bedroom wardrobes and door combinations available. From fitted wardrobe doors to sliding wardrobe doors and corner wardrobe, we deliver bedrooms that compliment and create space.

Wardrobes from The Kitchen Magician of St Neots, using colours and textures allow you to have the bedroom designs you’ve always wanted.
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Bedrooms made in the UK from The Kitchen Magician