From extravagant to purist. From SilkSteel finish to polished Chrome. Whether you prefer a flexible, pull-out spray or filtered water, the Franke tap range meets every need in every kitchen. Your favourite Franke tap will be the perfect complement to your ideal Franke sink. Come and see.



Pull-Out Nozzle & Spray taps for amazing flexibility

So easy to use. Control the temperature and flow of water effortlessly and precisely with one hand.

  • With a Pull-Out Nozzle, the spout is connected to a hose you can pull out to where you need your water flow. Ideal for washing salads as well as filling pots.
  • A Pull-Out Spray also switches between standard flow and spray function for extra versatility.
  • A combination of Side Spray and main tap offers you even more options for your day-to-day kitchen tasks.

taps pullout nozzle

taps filtered water

Filtered Water Taps

So easy to use. Control the temperature and flow of water effortlessly and precisely with one hand.

The ultimate in safe, fresh filtration. Choose from the Franke range of FilterFlow taps or Hand Spray models for instant filtered water. No more cumbersome, expensive bottled water, and the peace of mind of knowing your family's drinking water is clean, refreshing and free of impurities.

Franke pioneered multi-tasking kitchen taps and today, our beautifully designed FilterFlow range of taps, which dispense hot, cold and filtered water, are considered the blueprint for taps that go that little bit further.

Combining the considered beauty of our most stylish designs and the technologically advanced ceramic water filtration system of the Franke FilterFlow family, the products in the Franke Specialist range are the perfect addition to any modern kitchen.

These desirable taps are a stunning complement to many of the Franke sinks in the range, creating a coordinated look with effortless style.

Omni 4-in-1 Taps

Omni is the world’s first mechanical 4-in-1 kitchen mixer tap, offering filtered boiling and filtered cold water, as well as the usual mains hot and cold. It’s easy to fit in new or existing kitchens, safe to use and ultra-reliable with a 3-year warranty. Omni works beautifully with existing plumbing to revolutionise the way you use your kitchen.

taps omni 4 in 1